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You may have been desperately searching for us for a while, or you may have accidentally stumbled upon us. Either way, you're here, so "Welcome!"

Like you, we share a passion for the preservation and restoration of the good 'ol American made vintage and antique Singer sewing machines. We love them all, but specialize in restoration decals for the Model 66 line of Singer sewing machines.

You may have a family heirloom Singer 66 machine that has been passed down since it was new, or you may have bumped into one of these beautiful machines at a thrift store and just had to adopt it. Whatever your story, your machine has a story too and that's what makes each unique.

We're not here to tell you to strip down every Model 66 you can get your hands on and make it look newer than a shiny penny. Sometimes leaving good 'ol "old" alone is just what suits a vintage machine. Some just need a nice cleaning and polish and some might be asking for more. But, if you have decided to take on a full restoration and strip that girl down to her knickers, paint her up all purdy, then you'll be looking to replace her jewelry and you're prolly thankful we offer these high quality waterslide decals just for that purpose.

The Most Accurate Reproduction Decals Available!

Below are photos of completely restored SINGER sewing machines using our decal sets for the Red Eye, Lotus, and 15-91 designs. You may now drool over the awesomeness you can achieve with a full restoration using the most accurate design and color decals out there... ours!

Red Eye Restored

15-91 Restored

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

February 2015


We received so many requests for the very popular Model 15-91 golden decal set along with comments that current sets made by other companies are not very accurate and lack the perfection we strive for. We went ahead and remedied that! We now have the most accurate SINGER Model 15-91 decals out there! You can purchase 15-91 Decal Sets on the Decals page.

November 2014


Ever notice the gorgeous wooden Bentwood cases are almost always in need of some serious TLC. Now you can refinish yours and put the most accurate decal reproduction back on it! Visit the Decals page for more information.

September 2013


That's right, folks! The Lotus has landed! The lovely "Lotus" or "Scarab" decals from the Model 66 machine sold in England are now available for purchase. We are proud to be the ONLY ones to reproduce these exotic SINGER 66 decals, and where else, but at SINGER66decals.com! Visit the Decals page to purchase your set today.

June 2013


Yay! After many months of zombie-ish nights and family-nesia, our "Red Eye", or "Red Head", decal sets are ready! We hope you agree that it's all been worth it! Visit our Decals page to see details and purchase your own.


“Thank you! I have been looking for such decals for months and was afraid they didn't exist. Now I can finish my great- grandmother's Singer 66 in her memory. I intend to use it, not just display it too. You saved the day!"”

Our Philosophy

Not all old things need to be restored. We love rust and patina! But, when you do decide to restore a Model 66 machine, we hope you'll trust SINGER 66 decals exclusively.

Our Products

Every decal set is attentively made with love and care, as much as if it were made for our own machine. We pride ourselves on quick shipping and careful packaging as well.